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Searching within EBSCO eBooks in the eBook Viewer

You can search for keywords within the content of an EBSCO eBook using the Search Within feature of the eBook Viewer.

Using the Search Within Feature

To search within an eBook:

  1. Open a PDF or EPUB eBook in the eBook Viewer.

  2. Click the Search Within link in the column on the left.

    Search Within link

  3. Enter your keywords in the search box and click the Magnifying Glass icon.

    enter keywords and click magnifying glass

    Your Keyword Matches are displayed below the search box.

  4. Click on a hyperlinked Keyword Match in the column on the left to go directly to the page on which your keyword appears.

    You can sort your matches by Page number or Relevancy using the links at the top of the list.

    Note: When sorting by Page number, navigate the title by chapter to select a page and view hyperlinked keyword matches.

    Keyword Matches

  5. Every instance of your keyword matches are highlighted on the pages of the eBook.

    Highlighted keyword matches

  6. Click the Clear Results link to clear your keywords and matches.

    Clear Results link

Please note:

  • Results are only be highlighted for EBSCO eBooks that are in a language for which highlighting was found to display properly.

  • During our testing, we discovered that highlighting was problematic and inconsistent for eBooks in Japanese, so we have suppressed highlighting for eBooks in Japanese. When a user performs a Search Within while reading an eBook title in Japanese, they will still see their matching results returned in the Search Within panel, but those results will not be highlighted on the eBook page.

    A message will be displayed in the Search Within panel notifying the user that highlighting is not yet supported for that language. We will continue to work to eliminate language-specific display problems and enable this functionality for eBooks in all languages in the future.