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How to download a chapter of an EBSCO eBook as a PDF

When reading an eBook in the EBSCO eBook Viewer, you have the option of downloading eBook chapters to your computer or device as PDFs.

Note: Depending on individual publisher permissions, downloading of eBook pages/chapters may not be available for some EBSCO eBook titles.

To download a chapter of an eBook:

  1. Log into your institution's EBSCO eBook collection.

  2. Search for a title of interest and click a PDF or EPUB Full Text link to view the eBook.

  3. In the eBook Viewer, click the Download icon chapter download icon in the Contents column for the chapter you would like download.

    Click eBook chapter download icon

  4. Select a page range to download: current page, a page range starting with the current page, or the whole chapter.

    page download options and Download PDF button

    Note: If the eBook includes a publisher enforced page limit, the number of pages available to download is displayed.

  5. Click the Download PDF button.

  6. Select to Open the PDF or Save it to your computer or device and click OK.

    Open or Save the PDF

  7. Returning to the eBook Viewer, note that the available number of pages to print or download is updated.

    Updated publisher permissions