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SMART Imagebase Reports

A sample SMART Imagebase report is displayed below.                                                                             

SMART Imagebase Sample Report

The columns represent the following:

  • Date – Reflects the date that the SMART Imagebase was accessed.

  • Sessions – Reflects the number of unique IP addresses that have visited the SMART Imagebase.

  • Views – Reflects the number of times some content item was viewed in the system. This is different from a count of unique items that were viewed, since an individual item may be viewed multiple times by multiple people.

  • Images – Reflects the number of stock images downloaded.

  • Animations - Reflects the number of stock animations downloaded.

  • Custom Labeled – Reflects the number of custom-labeled images downloaded.

  • Categories – Reflects the number of searches by either "Body systems/Regions" or "Medical Specialties" and these may be searched in drop-down menus on the left-hand side of the home screen, by performing an advanced search on the home page and also on the browse page of the SMART Imagebase.

  • Searches – Reflects the number of searches by keyword. The keyword field may have been searched on the left-hand side of the home screen and also on the Search tab throughout the site in the top navigation bar of the SMART Imagebase.

Note: the total images downloaded can be calculated by adding both the "images" and the "custom labels" columns within the report. The "animations" column includes only the number of downloaded animated medical videos.