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Rehabilitation Reference Center - Browsing Exercise Images

The Exercise Images tab in Rehabilitation Reference Center (RRC) contains over 9,800 exercise images which demonstrate and explain each exercise. The exercise images are excellent for assisting patients with home exercise routines and as follow-through to their visit.

To use the Exercise Images tab:

  1. From any of the search screens, click the Exercise Images tab.

    exercise images tab

  2. You can do any of the following:

    • Enter the type of exercise in the Browse for field and then click the Browse button.

      • To browse for exercise images by name, select the Alphabetical button.

      • If you are not sure how the exercise is referenced RRC, or if you want to search for other related exercises, it is recommended that you select the Relevancy Ranked button.

      • Use the A-Z links to locate the drug via an alphabetical list.

  3. Click the type of exercise in the Browse List to display the drug record details.