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Patient Education Reference Center - Browsing Diseases & Conditions

The Diseases & Conditions tab in Patient Education Reference Center (PERC) includes over 12,000 evidence-based patient education handouts on diseases, health conditions and injuries, written at the third- to fifth-grade reading level. Thousands of detailed medical illustrations are also included.

To use the Disease and Conditions tab:

  1. From any of the search screens, click the Diseases & Conditions tab.

    Diseases &  Conditions Browse Screen

  2. You can do any of the following:

    • Enter the disease or condition name in the Browse for field and then click the Browse button.

      • If you know the exact name of the disease or condition and how it is referenced in PERC, click the Alphabetical button.

      • If you are not sure how the disease or condition is referenced within PERC, or if you want to search for other related diseases and conditions, click the Relevancy Ranked button.

    • Use the A - Z links to locate the disease or condition via an alphabetical list.

  3. Click the disease or condition name in the Browse List. The article detail displays.

    Article Detail Screen