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Patient Education Reference Center - Advanced Search - Guided-Style Fields

The Advanced Search with Guided Style Fields screen on Patient Education Reference Center (PERC) displays three Find fields in which to enter search terms. Between each Find field are drop-down lists containing Boolean operators.

To create an Advanced Search: 

  1. In the first Find field, enter your search terms.

    Advanced Search with Guided-Style Fields

  2. Choose a field from the Select a Field drop-down list. (For example, select the Title field.)

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the second set of Find fields.

  4. If necessary, select a Boolean operator (AND, OR, NOT) to combine the Find field entries.

  5. You can enter another Boolean operator, keyword, and search field in the third set of boxes. If you need additional rows, click the Add row link. Up to 12 rows can be displayed. To delete a row, click the Remove row link.

  6. Select the document types that you want. If you want to find results for all document types (Conditions, Procedures, Lab Tests, etc.), be sure they are all checked. If you want only specific document types (for example, only Discharge Instructions), uncheck the types that you don't want to include in the search.

  7. Use Limiters to narrow your search.  For example:

    • Full Text – limits search results to full text articles.

    • Publication – limits search results to articles from a specific title.

    • Publication Type – limits search results to the publication type selected in the list box. To select more than one publication type, hold down the Shift key while clicking the publication type selections.

  8. Use Expanders to broaden your search:

    • Apply additional terms to query – expands search results by including synonyms and plurals of search terms.

    • Also search within the full text of the articles – expands search results by finding your term(s) within the full text of the articles.

    • Automatically “And” search terms – expands results by applying the AND operator between terms, e.g., typing space shuttle would give results for heart and monitor.

  9. Click Search. A Result List is displayed. To view a specific source type (e.g., only Conditions), click the applicable source-type tab.

    Result List Screen


  • If you click the Patient Education Reference Center logo, you are returned to the Advanced Search Screen with all your search terms cleared.

  • If you click the Refine Search link, you are returned to Advanced Search with search terms, limiters and expanders remembered.

  • If you click the Advanced Search link, you are returned to Advanced Search with search terms, limiters and expanders cleared.