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How do I link to our library catalog from NoveList?

In NoveList you can link to your library catalog so patrons can see whether or not your library holds a particular book.

To set this up, please contact us using the Feedback link in the top right corner of the NoveList screen.  Links to your library catalog will appear at the bottom of each book (or audiobook) record at your Result List, and also at the Book (or Audiobook) detail page.  Clicking this link opens your library's catalog and searches by title and author.

For more information, click Help in the top right corner of NoveList and select the "Linking to Your Catalog" page under the Welcome section.

Note: NoveList custom linking to a library catalog does not work with all library catalog systems.  Some automation systems do not support the creation of a URL to perform the needed search.

For more options for connecting NoveList with your catalog or local collection file, see How can I connect NoveList with my catalog and/or my library's collection?