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Enhanced Linking parity between Full Text Finder and EBSCO Discovery Service and EBSCOhost

Keeping EBSCO Discovery Service and EBSCOhost profiles aligned with holdings is now even easier for Full Text Finder customers. This enhancement uses your holdings information from Holdings Management (HLM) to suggest CustomLinks you might want to enable in your profiles based on their relevance to your holdings selections. As you select new packages in HLM, the system will make additional links available for you to select in EBSCO Discovery Service and EBSCOhost profiles. Links are not automatically enabled in any profiles, nor are links suggested for hidden packages.

EBSCOadmin Holdings Management View

Suggested CustomLinks still require input from you to complete the configuration. For example, you will still select the local collections in order to limit the link's display to your holdings, as well as add any information necessary for authentication. You may also need to select additional content via the Databases tab for searching in the profile.

View of CustomLink selection page in an EDS Profile

For information on configuring links and enabling them in a profile, see EBSCO Help's CustomLinks - Best Practices Guide. If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact Customer Support.