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Updated EBSCOadmin Standard Reports coming August 9

We are excited to announce that we are in the final stages of a project focused on updating and enhancing the Standard Usage Reports available via EBSCOadmin.

Beginning August 9, requesting reports will be easier than ever as you will have access to a newly designed, more intuitive interface similar to other recently released or updated reporting options. The FAQ below addresses questions about the change and will be updated, as necessary, prior to the release date.

Does this change affect all reporting in EBSCOadmin?

No. This change will not affect any reports other than the “Standard Reports” section available under the Reporting tab in EBSCOadmin (i.e. COUNTER 4, Flipster, Full Text Finder). An overview video is available to preview the new functionality.

Will you offer training session on using the new reporting system?

Yes! EBSCO offers free training for customers on using EBSCOadmin and our reporting system. Currently scheduled sessions available after the release will cover the new reports and features.

Note: All times listed are in Eastern Time. Additional times will be posted shortly, or click here to view additional training offerings by our worldwide training team.

How far back are the new reports available?

There is no change from the current Standard Reports. You will be able to run reports for the current year and two (2) previous years.

Will I still be able to run the same reports as I have in the past?

Yes, most of the same reports will be available.  There are a few exceptions where we have consolidated reports, or the report is still under development. Those include:

  • Session reports are no longer a standalone report. Session counts are available as part of the Database Usage Report or the Interface Usage Report.

  • IP and Browser/Device are now available in a single reports called Login Activity.
  • Added Personal User reporting for customers who have the parameter enable in EBSCOadmin.
  • Personalization Activity Report is currently under development for the next phase.
What new features will be available with Standard Reports?

The available reports have been streamlined to provide customers with the most valuable information for assessing and reporting on the usage of your collections. Feature enhancements include:

  • Enhanced filtering: The maximum limit of 10 is now removed from the database and interface filters, search by database/interface has been added to the filter for easier selection and EDS customers will now be able to exclude Partner Databases from reports.
  • Expansion of report parameters: Include, but are not limited to, the addition of Interface to the Database and Title reports, the addition of Profile to the Interface report, and the addition of Interface/Site/Group to both the Login Report and the Link Activity report. 
  • Addition of key data: Reports will now offer several new metrics, including improved alignment with COUNTER standards. Updates include:
    • Total Requests (Sum of Full Text Requests, Abstract Requests, and Linkout Requests)
    • Total Linkouts (SmartLinks, CustomLinks)
    • Addition of Search Click Counts to Interface Usage Reports
    • Addition of Flipster Downloads and Online Views
    • Login Activity report has been expanded to include usage by login method.
    • Searches will now be differentiated between native and federated/automated searches.
  • Update of the Graphical Report to an interactive and dynamic Analytics report.

I currently receive automatic emails every month with my usage statistics. Will this change?

Any currently scheduled reports will no longer be sent after August 9, 2017. All customers who want to receive emailed usage reports on a recurring basis will need to set up new scheduled reports after the system has been released.  We will provide more information in training sessions, tutorials, and documentation as we get closer to the release date to help you with this transition. Customer Support will also be able to assist after August 9.