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EBSCO LearningExpress Quick Start Guide

At EBSCO LearningExpress, our mission is to help students and adult learners improve skills required for academic and career success. Our LearningExpress platforms provide a comprehensive selection of educational resources—including interactive tutorials, practice exams, flashcards, articles and e-books—for basic skills mastery, academic success, job preparation, and career advancement.

Access to any EBSCO LearningExpress Platform

Your institution, school, college, or library has made an EBSCO LearningExpress platform — (EBSCO LearningExpress Library®, PrepSTEP® for High Schools, PrepSTEP® for Community Colleges, PrepSTEP® for Colleges and Universities, LearningExpress Job & Career Accelerator®, or an individual learning center such as Computer Skills) —  available to you as an online resource, accessible from a link on your institution’s website.


You may browse content on the EBSCO LearningExpress site before registering.  Once you locate an individual learning resource (tutorial, practice test, article, flashcards, or e-book), that you would like to use, you will be prompted to register before you can access it. Registration also gives you access to “My Center,” where you can save any learning resource in progress for future completion, or to reuse an item.


To register from a computer within your provider institution, simply click the “Sign In/Register” from the upper right side of the blue horizontal navigation bar at the top of any page of the site. Click the “Register” button to register as a new user, verify your institution and enter your information in the required fields, and then click “Register.”

To register from a computer outside of your provider institution’s network (such as from home), you must first register as a New User from the custom, authenticated EBSCO LearningExpress link on your library’s website. Missing this New User step may result in a registration error message.

For future visits, simply sign in as a Returning User with your email address as your username and the password you created at registration.

Check with your administrator if unsure how to access the site or are having difficulty with registration or as a returning user.

Site Navigation - Centers

On the site’s home landing page, you’ll find prominent icons for our core content areas—we call them centers. Our centers hold all of the individual learning resources (tutorial, practice test, article, flash cards, or e-book), available within that center. These are organized by areas of interest. Simply click the image or name of a center that interests you.

When you select a center of interest, you will see a list of all categories within the center; select the category that best meets your needs to quickly get to the relevant products and resources.

Need Help?

“Help,” located in the blue horizontal navigation bar at the top of any page of the site, connects you to useful information including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Registration, System Requirements and Video Guides. The Video Guides feature helpful topics covering registration, navigating the homepage, signing in and out, about centers, searching for resources, how to take a tutorial or a test, download an e-book or article, and more.

If you require further assistance, please contact Customer Support.