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Full Text Finder - Discipline Limited Searching

When enabled on Full Text Finder by a library administrator, Discipline searching is a limiter that allows you to narrow searches to subject-like disciplines, improving the precision of your search. You can access this limiter directly from the Basic or Advanced Search pages, or from a search box on your library's website.

Because the list is non-hierarchical, some disciplines may be narrower in focus than others, but all of them represent distinct academic or professional fields.

Discipline Limiter -- Search Screens

To use Discipline Limited Searching:

  1. Enter your search terms in the Find field on the Basic or Advanced Search screen.

  2. On Basic Search, click Search Options below the Find field to display available Limiter and Expanders. (Search Options may be expanded by default.)

    The Discipline Limiter appears.

    Discipline Searching Basic Search

  3. Check the box for each Discipline you would like to add to your search and click the Search button.

Discipline Limiter -- Publication Finder Screen

You can also browse publications by discipline from the Publication Finder screen.

To browse publications by Discipline:

  1. Click the Publications link in the top toolbar.

    The Publication Finder screen is displayed.

  2. Click on a discipline in the Browse By Discipline list to view a result list of all available publications related to that subject.

    Note: Each discipline includes a number that indicates the number of related publications in your institution's holdings.

    Discipline Searching Advanced Search

Refining your search

Current Search is located at the top of the left column of the Result List of Full Text Finder and keeps track of your entire search, including any Discipline limiters that were selected.

To remove a Discipline, click the X icon next to the term you would like to remove. Clicking on the icon will remove the corresponding term from the search and a new result list will be displayed.

To add a Discipline, click the Show More link under Limit your results. A box appears with all of the available limiters and expanders, including the available disciplines.

Refining your search