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How to Control Full Text Finder Linking Behavior when Choosing to Bypass the Menu

Library administrators now have two options for controlling link behavior when they have enabled the “Automatically Link to Full Text” setting for their Full Text Finder Link Resolver, but not all end-point sites support displaying within a frame (resulting in blank pages). These options use the Notes functionality to tell Full Text Finder how to treat the links at the provider or package level, and allow the library administrator to choose between stopping at the Link Resolver menu, for those sites that do not support frames, or re-directing to these sites without using the frame at all.

Steps to adjust your Link Resolver Functionality:

  1. Identify the providers you wish to adjust (e.g. ProjectMuse) and how you want the link to behave (show the menu or re-direct without the frame).

  2. Log into EBSCOadmin and navigate to the Holdings Management tab.

    Holdings Management Tab

  3. Within Holdings Management, click the Notes button in the right-hand toolbar.

    Notes link on Holdings Management Tab

  4. Click the New Note link on the right-hand side.

    New Note link on Notes page

  5. Enter the Note Name as:

    • #FTFDirectLinkNoBanner - if you want end-users to be sent to the end-point site with no frame

    • #NoFTFDirectLink - if you want end-users to see the Resolver menu for these resources rather than going directly to the full text.

  6. You will need to include text in the Note Text field, but this will be suppressed from showing to end users on the Resolver Menu. You may choose to use the Note Text field to include an explanation of what the Note does for other Administrators.

    Note description

  7. In the Display Settings section, set the radio button to Yes for “Show in Full Text Finder” and to No for “Show to Unauthenticated Users” and “Show on Publication Finder”.

    Note Display Settings

  8. Skip the Icon Settings section and click the orange Save button at the bottom of the page.

  9. After Saving, the page will reload and you will see the ability to assign the Note to Titles, Packages or Vendors for which you would like it to function.

    For Example: To associate this note with all your Project Muse packages, click the Vendors tab within the note, and then click Find Vendors to Assign. Use the search box to search for Project Muse.

    Assign Vendors or Packages to Note

    When your results appear below, click the icon that says “Not Assigned” on the right side of the screen and it will change to a green icon with a checkmark that says Assigned. This Note is now associated with all your Project Muse content.