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How can I link from Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) to Full Text Finder?

To link from CAS to Full Text Finder:

  1. Log in to MyCAS at (To identify your MyCAS administrator or reset your password, contact Note that logging in to MyCAS will enable you to change updates for any of your programs, such as SciFinder Scholar, STN AnaVist, STN on the Web, STN Express with Discover, STN Easy, and Science IP.

  2. Select Update in-house links.

  3. Select In-house Link for Journal References.

    • Under Link Text, enter the text you want to use for the link to Full text Finder. (CAS does not support the usual graphic linking.) We suggest, “Search for the full text of this article on the web.” (Be sure to enter this information in the first In-house Link for Journal References section, not the secondary link for journal references section.)

    • By Journal URL, check the box indicating Use OpenURL format.

    • Under Journal URL, enter the following:

    • You may add a second link if you wish, perhaps for your library catalog. Or you can just use Full Text Finder for your linking needs.

NOTE: By default, CAS runs ChemPort, its own in-house link resolver, and returns a list of links. The above steps will add Full text Finder to this list of links. In the Your organization’s document resources section of the ChemPort Connection menu, you will see a link with the text you entered in step 3a.


You may also have CAS bypass their menu entirely and go straight to the Full Text Finder menu. To do this:

  1. While in MyCAS (or from the above screen), select Direct Linking Options from the left side of the page.

  2. You will find the following four options:

    • Direct to document (journal) – Leave this box selected to link to a document using ChemPort’s link resolver. Otherwise, uncheck this box.
    • Direct to document (patent) – If you use patents, you should leave this option checked.
    • Direct to library (journal) – Select this option if you wish to bypass the ChemPort Connection menu and go straight to the link resolver.
    • Direct to library (patent) – Leave this box unselected.