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Enabling the Explora interface in EBSCOadmin

To enable access to the new Explora interface, you will need to log in to your EBSCOadmin account and follow the steps below. If you need a username and password to access your EBSCOadmin account, or if you would like assistance in setting up your new Explora profile, please contact Customer Support.

First, you will need to create a new Explora profile.

  1. From the Customize Services sub-toolbar, select the group from the Current Group drop-down list with which the new profile will be associated.

  2. Click the Profile Maintenance link.

    Choose Profile Screen

  3. Click the Add a New Profile link.

    Add a New Profile Screen

  4. Enter a Profile ID and Description.

  5. Select the appropriate interface, default language, and style for the profile. Click Submit.


  6. Click the Back to Customize Services link.

Next, you will need to add databases to your new profile.

  1. From the Choose Profile drop-down list, select the appropriate Explora profile (Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Public Libraries, or Canada).

  2. Click the Databases sub-tab. The Databases Screen displays.

  3. Select Disabled - Internal Databases from the Show drop-down menu to display all of your available EBSCO databases.

  4. In the Enable Column, select the On radio button for each database you wish to be searchable in Explora.  (For a complete list of compatible databases, click here.)

    Note: Be sure you also enable the Topic Overviews databases; otherwise, the Topic Overview placard will not appear in search results. The Topic Overviews databases are available in the following segments:
    --Topic Overviews Public Libraries (tol)
    --Topic Overviews K-5 (t50)
    --Topic Overviews 6-12 (t6o)

  5. Select Enabled from the Show drop-down menu to display only the databases you have enabled.
  6. In the Default to Selected Column, select the On radio button for each database you wish to be searchable in Explora.
  7. Click Submit to save your changes.

  8. Point to a specific profile by using this embedded URL:

    The profileid should be the profile ID you assigned to the new profile.


  • If you wish to allow your users to change the language of the Explora interface to French or Spanish, click the Multilingual Options tab and select the "Yes" radio button beside Allow user to change languages dynamically during the session. Click Submit to save your changes.
  • If you plan to provide access to more than one version of Explora (for example, both Primary and Secondary School versions with different database sets), you will need to create a separate profile for each.

Need help? Contact Customer Support for assistance or sign up for an online training session.