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What is the EBSCO Integration Toolkit (EIT)?

The EBSCO Integration Toolkit (EIT) is a flexible, XML-based web service designed to seamlessly integrate EBSCOhost content into corporate workflow and business applications. EIT enables fast and cost-effective development of applications and customized integration.

What applications and platforms are compatible with EIT?
EBSCO Integration Toolkit is application and platform independent, and is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Web Sphere, Google Search Appliance, etc.

What databases are supported by EIT?
All databases offered on the EBSCOhost platform are supported by the EBSCO Integration Toolkit. To view a list of databases, please see: EBSCOhost Database Short Names List (Product Codes)

Does EIT support advanced features like RSS alerts?
EBSCO Integration Toolkit can be used for advance features although this capability is not "built-in" to the service. Customers can design their own applications with EIT results to implement features such as RSS alerts.

Will EBSCO develop our EIT application?
No, organizations that do not have the infrastructure to implement EIT should continuing using EBSCOhost. Sample code is available on the EBSCO Integration Toolkit Support Site. EBSCO's Customer Satisfaction Group can provide EIT integration support.

For more information, please contact Technical Support.