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Embedding EBSCOhost into SharePoint Using Web Parts - Frequently Asked Questions

EBSCO provides pre-built web parts and How To documentation, enabling organizations to embed the EBSCOhost experience directly into their SharePoint pages. EBSCO's web parts provide targeted access to relevant and timely information needed by today's business professionals.

Detailed documentation provides guidance to users choosing to create customized web parts. Because the web parts leverage existing EIT options such as RSS and web services, organizations have multiple options when choosing to deploy EBSCOhost web parts.

Q. Can SharePoint be the primary access point to EBSCOhost for my users?

Yes. We encourage organizations to add EBSCOhost access/content to the existing workflow in order to maintain a unified portal strategy that serves the needs of the users seamlessly and efficiently.

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Q. What kind of EBSCOhost functionality is available through the Web Parts?

Web Parts provide the exact same content and functionality available on EBSCOhost. No additional security or authentication procedures are necessary beyond the standard EBSCOadmin configuration and SharePoint permission levels.

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Q. What types of Web Parts are available for embedding EBSCOhost into SharePoint?

The Page Viewer and RSS Web Parts are two of the easiest and most effective Web Parts available to integrate EBSCO content. The Page Viewer Web Part allows you to embed the entire EBSCOhost experience within a SharePoint site or page. RSS Web Parts allow you to target individual subject or topic areas based on pre-defined articles, journals and search results. EBSCOhost Search Boxes, custom SharePoint lists can also be easily integrated through Web Parts.

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Q. Which versions of SharePoint are supported by EBSCO's Web Parts?

The following versions of SharePoint are supported:

  • SharePoint Portal Server 2007
  • SharePoint Portal Server 2003
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2013

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Q. Is there any documentation available to help me implement the Web Parts when embedding EBSCOhost into SharePoint?

Yes. Complete step-by-step How To documentation will be provided when you receive the Web Parts. EBSCO provides technical integration support to assist you in implementing the Web Parts, if needed.

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Q. Can I use EBSCO's Web Parts as-is when embedding EBSCOhost into SharePoint?

Yes. However, EBSCO's sample Web Parts are meant to serve as a guide rather than to be used as-is.

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Q. Can I create my own Web Parts for embedding EBSCOhost into SharePoint?

Yes. Creating custom Web Parts is recommended because it allows you to target and deliver EBSCO content in a way that most benefits the organization. Please consult EBSCO's SharePoint How To documentation to learn how to easily connect EBSCO content to your SharePoint site.

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Q. How do I know if EBSCO provides Web Parts support for my database subscription?

EBSCO provides full SharePoint support for all of its subscription databases.

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Q. How many EBSCO Web Parts can be deployed at any one time?

Unlimited. Customers can deploy as many EBSCO Web Parts as desired.

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Q. Will I need to configure new permissions in SharePoint to support EBSCO's Web Parts?

No. Importing EBSCO Web Parts into SharePoint follows the same security conventions as any other custom web part.

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Q. Will I need to change my authentication settings in EBSCOadmin to support use of the Web Parts?

When the request from the web part is sent out to EBSCOhost, user authentication on EBSCOhost is automatically performed based on the standard authentication options such as: referring URL and IP address which are controlled through EBSCOadmin.

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