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What types of authentication are supported via the EBSCOhost API?

There are two types of authentication methods available via the EBSCOhost API:

  • authentication string / password
  • IP authentication.


Profile authentication string / password

You would pass the profile authentication string (CustomerID.GroupID.ProfileID) and the password (Profile Password) in the Init request (SOAP) or in the URL request (REST).

Profile authentication string / password REST Example:

Note: Neither profile authentication string nor password is used EBSCOhost access. These are different from EBSCOhost access and you will need to contact Customer Support to properly configure your subscription.


IP Authentication

You will register an IP address beforehand in EBSCO administration system (EBSCOadmin) under the target group. Then you would pass the target ProfileID in the Init request (SOAP) or in the URL request (REST).

IP Authentication REST Example: