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How do I enable eBook Automatic Upgrades in EBSCOhost Collection Manager?

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What is this feature?

eBook Automatic Upgrades can be enabled in EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM) by Approver accounts to automatically upgrade the access model of your eBooks when a specific number of turnaways is reached. Turnaways are logged when a patron attempts to read an eBook, but is turned away because it is currently in use by another patron. When automatic upgrades are enabled, EBSCO eBook titles that exceed the turnaway threshold will be automatically upgraded to the next available model. If a title is no longer available for sale, it cannot be upgraded and a turnaway will result.

eBook Automatic Upgrades is turned off by default in ECM and must be enabled in order to take advantage of the feature.

For example, you can enable automatic upgrades and set a threshold of three turnaways within six weeks. If an eBook purchased at the 1U (one user) access model generates three turnaways within 6 weeks while in use by your patrons, ECM upgrades the access model to 3U (three simultaneous users) before a fourth turnaway can occur, opening up access to the title to three patrons at a time.

What are the benefits?

Enabling eBook Automatic Upgrades helps to ensure your patrons have access to your most popular eBook titles and are not turned away when those titles are in use by other patrons.

How do I enable it?

To enable and set up eBook Automatic Upgrades:

  1. Click the Preferences link at the top of the ECM screen, and select Customer Settings in the column on the left.

  2. Set eBook Upgrades to On. The default setting for eBook Upgrades is Off.

  3. Make your changes to the following settings:

    • Upgrade after: Enter the number of turnaways after which ECM will upgrade the access model for your eBooks. Note: Enter a 0 to maximize title availability.

    • Time period: To enforce a time period during which turnaways will trigger an upgrade, check the box, enter a number in the "within" field and select a time frame. For example, enter a 6 and select "weeks" from the drop-down to trigger upgrades after your designated number of turnaways within six weeks.

    • Enable Email Notifications: Set to Yes to receive a notification when any automatic upgrade is triggered.

    • Send To: Enter the email address(es) to which you would like upgrade notifications sent. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

    • Maximum price (per upgrade): Enter a limit for the cost of an eBook upgrade. Upgrades that cost more than the value entered in this field will not be processed and the patron is turned away. Note: This price cap also applies to new single-user copy purchases, if that setting has been enabled.

    • Allow single-user copy purchases: Set to Yes to allow single-user (1U) copy purchases of titles that cannot be upgraded (to three or unlimited simultaneous users) due to publisher or market restrictions. A new copy of a title is purchased where an upgrade would have occurred.

    • Maximum additional copies allowed: Enter a number if you would like to set a limit of new copies of a title to be automatically purchased.

    • Invoice from: Select how you would like your institution to be invoiced. By default, eBook Automatic Upgrades are invoiced through EBSCO. However, existing GOBI customers can select to be invoiced through GOBI Library Solutions from the drop-down menu.

    • Bill to Contact: Select a billing contact from the list of available contacts for your institution, similar to purchases made from the shopping cart.

    • Bill to Address: Select a billing address from the available addresses for your institution.

  4. Click to Save your changes.



  • When you enter a “0” in the Upgrade after setting, you maximize title availability for your patrons. If all licenses or instances of an EBSCO eBook are in use, this setting will automatically upgrade a title as soon as the next patron (who would otherwise have been turned away) attempts to access the book. Provisional access is granted immediately and the purchase is made behind the scenes with no disruption to the patron.

  • ECM Approvers and Selectors can set a Preferred Local Currency for Price Quote in the Account Settings area in Preferences. That value is calculated and displayed below the input box in the Maximum price (per upgrade) setting. Exchange rates are updated daily using EBSCO’s standard method for currency conversion.

  • The Billing settings for Automatic Upgrades are separate from the ECM cart and will not affect the default billing settings elsewhere in ECM.

  • EBSCO eBook titles that exceed the turnaway threshold will be automatically upgraded to the next available model. If a title is no longer available for sale, it cannot be upgraded and a turnaway will result.

  • Automatic Upgrades are not available for titles purchased with the Concurrent Access Model at this time.


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