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Using the EBSCOhost Collection Manager Result List

From the EBSCOhost Collection Manager Result List, you can:

Refine Your Results

ecm result list

To Refine Your Results:

  1. Refine your search results by selecting limiters in the facets in the left column.

    Note: The available limiters are the same as those found on the Full Search Options page.

  2. Click the Show More link to display all available limiters in each facet.

    The result list is refreshed with updated results.

Above the Result List:

  • Re-sort Results: You can also re-sort the result list using the Sort by drop-down menu at the top of the results. You can sort by: Relevance, Title, Publisher/Imprint, Published Date, or Price.

  • Number of Results per Page: You can change the number of results displayed per page by selecting from the Results Per Page drop-down menu.

Preview Titles

From the result list, you can view a detail page of titles and preview the text.

To preview a title:

  1. Click a title link to view the detail page for that title.

    The detail page is displayed.

    preview button
  2. Add the title to a list by selecting an Access Model from the drop-down menu and clicking the Add to List/DDA link.

  3. Click the Preview button to preview the book. (Note: The number of pages available to preview may be restricted by the publisher.)

    The eBook preview viewer is opened in a new window.

    book preview

  4. View the title's table of contents in the left column.

Modify the Access Model

From the result list, you can modify the Access Model for each title you add to a list. The result list displays the price model selected as the default. If the selected default model is not available, the least expensive is displayed.

Depending on the publisher, a combination of the following Access Models is available:

  • One User - One user per book
  • Three Users - Three concurrent user per book
  • Unlimited Users - Unlimited concurrent users per book
  • Concurrent Access - Provides a perpetual license to e-books available on an unlimited concurrent access basis up to an annual maximum of uses

To change the Access Model for a title:

  1. Click the Add to List/DDA link next to the title for which you would like to change the Access Model.

  2. In the resulting window, select an Access Model from the drop-down list and click Add to List.

    changing an access model

    Note: if you would like to add the entire page of results to a list, you can change the access model for specific titles using the drop-down menu for each in the Price column of the results.

EBSCOhost Collection Manager Indicators

The following indicators may appear in the result list:

  • moved to list indicator - The Moved to List indicator appears on titles that already belong to an in progress list or DDA.

  • owned title indicator - The Owned Title indicator appears on books that your patrons already have access to for any of the following reasons:

    • Your institution has already purchased the book at One User, Three Users or Unlimited Users
    • The book is part of an active DDA
    • The book is part of an EBSCOhost eBook subscription that your library has purchased
  • part of PDA indicator - The Part of DDA indicator appears on books that are already in an active, deactivated, or suspended DDA list.

  • submitted for approval indicator - The Submitted for Approval indicator appears on titles that have already been submitted for approval for purchase.