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EBSCOhost Collection Manager: Importing ISBNs to Lists

EBSCOhost Collection Manager allows you to import a list of ISBNs and add them to a list or DDA for purchase. With Importing, you can add large lists of titles to lists quickly and easily. 

To import a list of ISBNs into ECM:

  1. Click Import List in the upper right of the Book landing page.

    click "import list"
  2. Enter your list of ISBNs in the field provided and click Continue. You can type ISBNs individually, or cut and paste a list into the box.

    enter ISBNs into the field


    • ISBNs must be entered as comma-separated or on separate lines in the text area below.
    • ISBNs must be numeric only, 13-digits, with a "978" or "979" prefix.
    • Maximum of 1,000 ISBNs. Any ISBNs above the 1,000 title limit will be omitted. If you have more than 1,000 ISBNs to add, you can continue to add titles to a list in subsequent downloads.
  3. If you entered invalid or incorrectly formatted ISBNs, ECM displays them. You can re-enter the numbers or click Continue.

    incorrectly formatted ISBNs are displayed
  4. Click Select List

  5. Select to add the titles to a List or DDA and then select a list from the drop-down.


    Enter a name for a new List/DDA and click Select List.

    select or create a list
  6. Verify your selections and click Continue. Or click an Edit link to modify your list of ISBNs or change the List/DDA to which you would like to add titles.

    verify selections
  7. Click Import.

    click the import button
  8. ECM matches your list of ISBNs with titles available from EBSCO and adds them to your list.

    When ISBNs that you entered are not available, you are offered a one-time opportunity to download a spreadsheet of the unmatched ISBNs.

    download spreadsheet of unmatched ISBNs

    Note: Titles that are added to the list are added using your default or preferred access model. You can change your preferred access model from the Preferences menu.

  9. Click the Imported List button to view your list or click Close to return to the ECM home screen.