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EBSCOhost Collection Manager: Choosing an Access Model

EBSCOhost Collection Manager features various Access Models available for purchasing eBooks and Audiobooks.

Please note, at this time only the 1B1U model is available for Audiobooks purchases.

Perpetual Access


Our most affordable perpetual access model, the 1 Book 1 User model allows one user to access the eBook at a time.


The 1 Book 3 User model is our mid-level access model, allowing a total of 3 users to simultaneously access an eBook.


For maximum access, our 1 Book Unlimited User model provides no restrictions to access, making turnaways a thing of the past.

Concurrent Access

The Concurrent Access Model (CAM) provides a perpetual license to e-books available on an unlimited concurrent access basis up to an annual maximum of uses (typically 365 uses). Once that number is met, the eBook becomes unavailable. On the anniversary of the purchase date, the number of uses is reset to the original maximum. The institution can also purchase another copy under the Concurrent Access license, which would grant them another allotment of uses.


Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans

EBSCO also offers Short Term Loans for eBooks. With Short Term Loans, you can grant your users temporary access to EBSCO eBooks while only paying a fraction of the list price. EBSCO also supports a Loan-to-Own model. Loan-to-Own allows your institution to calibrate your DDA so that it purchases an eBook after it experiences a certain number of loans. Short Term Loans are only available via our DDA collections. Loans are available in 1, 7, 14 and 28 day increments.