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EBSCOhost Collection Manager: Accounts, Lists and Ordering - An Overview

Approver Only

The simplest way to get started ordering books in ECM is to open an Approver account for everyone at your institution that has authority to purchase EBSCO eBooks. With Approver accounts, users can take advantage of all of ECM’s features.

Approver Only

Approver accounts can take advantage of all of ECM features, including searching our extensive eBook catalog, browsing our subject sets and collections, placing eBook orders, building and activating DDAs and much more.


Selector & Approver

If your institution needs a way to capture selections and recommendations from colleagues while still restricting the ability to order to a select few, ECM offers a workflow using Selector and Approver accounts.


Selector accounts can do everything that an Approver can do except they cannot place orders for eBooks. Rather, Selectors can build lists and submit those lists to Approvers who can then purchase the list on the Selector's behalf. Selector accounts are great for colleagues or faculty that provide suggestions for eBook purchases, but do not have the authority to make a purchase.



When a Selector is done building a list of books, the list can be submitted to any Approver at your institution.

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Approver accounts can then review the lists submitted to them by a Selector and remove any eBooks that should not be purchased.

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The approver can then add the list of books to their shopping cart and purchase lists.

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