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Completing Magazine Purchases in EBSCOhost Collection Manager

Once you have finished selecting magazines to purchase in EBSCOhost Collection Manager, Approvers can complete the transaction from the Cart.

Note: Your Cart can contain both magazines as well as eBooks and Audiobooks and can be purchased in a single transaction.

To complete a magazine purchase:

  1. Click Cart in the top right of the screen to complete your purchase from within the cart.

    ECM - cart button
  2. Select a Start Date and confirm the Preferred Subscription Expiration Month displayed from the drop-down menus.

    Subscription Expiration dates cannot be altered after a purchase is completed.

    ECM cart - confirm start and end dates


    • You can select to begin your subscription on the 1st day of the next three months from the drop-down menu.

    • If you have set a Preferred Subscription Expiration Date in Magazine Preferences, it is shown and a prorated price is displayed for your purchase.

  3. Click the check box to agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Finalize Order.

    ECM cart - finalize order screen

  4. On the Checkout window, select a Flipster Contact name from the drop-down menu and select a Billing Address for your institution, then click Submit Order.

    Note: Purchase Order Number is an optional field that a customer can provide with their orders. The P.O. number entered at check out will appear on the invoice for the order. P.O. numbers are only supported at the order level.

    ECM - checkout screen