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Energy Resources Promotion Kit

Below you will find an array of materials for promoting your valuable energy-related online resources throughout your organization. Included are Basic and Advanced Search help sheets, searching tutorials in Flash and PowerPoint formats, sample notification email text, EBSCO's Search Box Builder Tool, an informative flyer, and informational links.

Video & PowerPoint Tutorials
Our video tutorials provide audio narration with matching text to guide users on how to use the databases. Our accompanying PowerPoint versions offer the same helpful information in slides.

Energy Package Promotional Materials
Use these colorful, informational items to educate your users about EBSCO's Energy Package products.

Search Box Builder Tool
Looking for an easy way to integrate EBSCOhost searching into your website or corporate intranet site? With EBSCO's Search Box Builder Tool, you can easily create an EBSCOhost Search Box, allowing your users to search your EBSCO energy products right from your own resources.

Informational Links
Use these helpful links to learn more about EBSCO's wide range of energy-related resources!

Online training is also available. Visit our Online Training page to sign up for an upcoming training or watch one of several recorded trainings.