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Why did I receive an "Authentication Failed" message after logging in to EBSCOhost?

For Library Patrons:

If you receive an "Authentication Failed" error message, your institution's authentication information should be verified in EBSCOadmin. Please contact the library administrator for assistance.

For Library Administrators:

Possible error situations are listed below.

  • No Active Profiles

    You must have a profile with active database subscription(s) to log in to EBSCOhost. Log in to EBSCOadmin to ensure that you have a profile set up with at least one database in it. If you do not have any profiles set up, follow the instructions for creating a profile in EBSCOadmin, or contact Technical Support for assistance.

  • No CustID Specified on URL

    To log in using CPID (Pattern IDs) or Patron Files (Customer Coordinated) authentication, you need to include your institution's Customer ID (custID) in the URL as follows:

    • CPID:[your institution's custID]
    • Patron Files:[your institution's custID]
  • Invalid Patron ID or Password or Invalid UserID or Password

    Users will receive this error message if the authentication information entered does not match that stored in EBSCOadmin for your institution.

  • Authentication failed due to insufficient credentials.

    Users will see this error message if the referring URL in EBSCOadmin does not match the URL last visited before following a link to EBSCOhost.

  • To review the authentication information for your institution:

    1. Log in to EBSCOadmin at
    2. Click the Authentication Tab.
    3. Click on the tab representing the type of authentication your institution is using (e.g., User ID/Password, etc.).