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What is the difference between EBSCOhost SmartLinks and EBSCO SmartLinks+?

EBSCO SmartLinks provides linking among databases in EBSCOhost by seamlessly linking from an article citation in one database, where the full text is not available, to the full text of the article (PDF, HTML etc) in another EBSCO database where it is available. For example, researchers can link from the search results in a secondary database (e.g. ERIC) to the full text available in other databases such as Professional Development Collection.


EBSCO SmartLinks+ is an EBSCO solution that gives end users fast, easy access to the full text they want.

Supported by a vast knowledge base of more than 34 million article links to a wide range of journals, this powerful tool allows linking from citations in EBSCOhost Research Databases to the full text in a library’s collection. It tracks the availability, ownership, and location of full text, providing pre-validated links that appear for articles in the e-packages and e-journals to which a library subscribes.

Plus, it can be enabled for e-content purchased through EBSCO, so that users can access all of the library’s full-text content.


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