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Which databases support the Related Images feature in EBSCOhost?

The Related Images feature is available in databases that contain the Image Collection Authority File. The following databases include the Image Collection as an authority file:

  • Academic Abstracts FullText
  • Academic Search Elite
  • Academic Search Premier
  • Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre
  • Book Collection: Nonfiction
  • Business Source Corporate
  • Canadian Reference Centre
  • Corporate ResourceNet
  • General Science Collection
  • History Reference Center
  • Marshall Cavendish Multicultural Reference Center
  • Marshall Cavendish Science Reference Center
  • Marshall Cavendish Wildlife Reference Center
  • MAS Ultra - School Edition
  • MAS Ultra--Public Library Edition
  • MasterFILE Elite
  • MasterFILE Premier
  • MasterFILE Select
  • Middle Search Plus
  • Military & Government Collection
  • News & Media Source
  • Newspaper Source
  • Primary Search
  • Science Reference Center
  • TOPICsearch
  • UK/Ireland Reference Centre
  • Vocational and Career Collection