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Why would an article not be available to read in EBSCOhost?

The following scenarios describe why a particular article may not be available for you to read.


Error Message: The article or journal you have requested is NOT available to *Customer Account Name*

When I searched EBSCOhost, I received the following error message. What does this mean?

"The article or journal you have requested is NOT available to <Customer Account Name>. We have detected that you do not have sufficient credentials to access this record. Please contact your library administrator for assistance. "

This message is displayed when:

  • The link to the record you are trying to access is trying to access a database that is not subscribed to by the account you are using.
  • The login values you have supplied authenticate to an account that does not subscribe to the database you are trying to access.


When a Rights Notice Appears on an Article Citation

Occasionally when searching a database, you may encounter a citation with the following rights notice displayed:

"This database normally includes full text of articles available from this publication. However, this particular article is not included at the request of the rights holder."

In this situation, the rights holder (typically the author) has decided not to include the full text in the database you are searching. The citation information will be available, but no link to HTML or PDF Full Text will be displayed.