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Where are the EBSCOhost Database Title Lists available?

Title lists can be found in EBSCOadmin. Once logged in, library administrators can click on the Database Title Lists Tab at the top of the page. The title lists are available in three formats: MARC21 or Tab-Delimited. Click on the Tab corresponding to the desired format. Then, click on the corresponding file of the database title list you want. You can download all titles (A&I and Full Text) or Full Text Only titles.

Or Click Here to view Database Title Lists on which include intended journal coverage (actual as well as upcoming titles).

EBSCO also offers a record download service to allow the titles contained in EBSCO's full text aggregations to be represented in your library catalog, or on your library's website. 

For more information about this service see the following FAQ: How do I request customized MARC21 files?