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Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print Comprehensive Records

Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) and Tests in Print (TIP) are complementary products. MMY provides the full-text reviews of tests, whereas TIP provides current information and availability. EBSCOhost has traditionally presented these products as separate databases, a system rooted in the print editions of these resources.

However this approach had inherent limitations:

  • To leverage the value of each product MMY and TIP should be searched together; however in a multiple database search, important search fields such as Population/Age Group and Scoring Methods were not available in the search field drop-down list.

  • Users would regularly return two records in their Result List for the same test, which caused confusion.

  • In order to access MMY full text from TIP, users had to use a custom link. This would open the full-text document in a separate window and navigates them away from their current search.

To alleviate these conditions, EBSCO, in collaboration with the Buros Institute, has re-engineered these products into a single database Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print. Furthermore, EBSCO has combined the Tests in Print citations with the Mental Measurements Yearbook full-text reviews, into a single, more comprehensive record.

There are several advantages to this approach, including:

  • Full access to all search options

  • All information for a given test is available in one concise record.

  • Direct access to MMY full text is available through a single TIP/MMY citation.

  • Users will no longer see two results for the same test.