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Google Scholar - Linking to EBSCO

Does Google Scholar link with EBSCO?

Yes, EBSCO is a partner with Google's linking programs. As a partner, Google Scholar can link with EBSCOhost full-text databases and e-journals, where available.

EBSCO has streamlined the process for users to move from a search result in Google or Google Scholar to the corresponding full text in an EBSCOhost database by providing a combination of IP- addresses and permanent links to the available resource. This access is available to all IP-accessing customers who subscribe to applicable resources.

Are all titles in my holdings available via the Google Scholar linking?

The program is designed by Google to facilitate access to scholarly content, as defined by Google's product management team. Because of this, not all of the journals, articles, or other scholarly content you purchase from EBSCO will be available through this program. Since Google is primarily interested in academic works, shorter articles, book reviews, editorials, or letters, are not generally included. Additionally, works included must have an author-supplied abstract.

Keep in mind, if an article is included in your subscription from a publisher as well as your EBSCO subscription, and the publisher is participating in Google Scholar linking programs, you may find a direct publisher link to the full text instead of the link to the article at EBSCO.

Is there a title list available?

Since Google is primarily interested in academic works, not all content from any specific publication is eligible for inclusion. Furthermore, publishers can select to have their content excluded from this program at any time. Since other publishers and aggregators are participating, a title list of included publications would likely not be representative of the articles available to your users through Google's publisher linking program.

How often are updates made with Google?

EBSCO updates the linked content with Google once per week.

What information is being shared with Google?

For an EBSCO customer to participate in the Google program a library must provide IP range(s) in EBSCOadmin. IP addresses, which are publicly available information from internet IP allocation registries such as ARIN, RIPE, APNIC and others, are then sent to Google with the holdings information for our customers. Because the security of our customers and their information is of the utmost importance to EBSCO, we do not associate an account name, or relay any specific user information to Google.

View the EBSCO's Privacy Policy here.

Can I opt out of the linking program?

Any customer can decide not to participate at any time simply by contacting to opt out.

I currently participate in the Google Library Links program with my knowledge base provider. Should I opt out?

The two programs are complementary. Google's publisher links are designed to be an automated solution for seamlessly connecting library users who search in Google Scholar with their library subscriptions. Please note that this will NOT have any impact on the Library Links that Google Scholar creates for participating libraries. Google Scholar will continue to link to library link resolvers.