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EBSCOhost OpenURL - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is OpenURL and how does it relate to EBSCO?

OpenURL is a standardized format of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that provides a mechanism for passing metadata and data, providing patrons with a way to obtain data from the best source with a single search from one provider.

The EBSCOhost environment can serve as either the target or the source of an OpenURL link.

Other vendors’ applications can submit an OpenURL query to EBSCOhost in order to obtain access to a Full-Text resource.

Using a Custom Link, an EBSCOhost patron can submit an OpenURL query in order to obtain access to a Full-Text resource from another vendor.


Q. What version of the OpenURL standard is EBSCOhost compatible with?

EBSCOhost is OpenURL 0.1 and OpenURL 1.0 SAP1 (San Antonio Profile 1) compliant, making EBSCOhost both a source and a target for linking servers.


Q. What EBSCOhost content is available via EBSCOhost OpenURL?

Currently only Full Text Articles are supported.


Q. Where is EBSCOhost's OpenURL Server located?

EBSCOhost's OpenURL server is located at


Q. What is the correct syntax to build an OpenURL Request to EBSCOhost?

Try our OpenURL Syntax Generator!


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