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How are EBSCO's MARC records altered to meet the guidelines specified in the MARC-21 standard?

EBSCO MARC Records are derived from CONSER records distributed by the library of Congress. IN order to adjust these incoming CONSER records to meet the guidelines specified by the MARC-21 standards, several actions are taken:

Leader Record Status Settings based on PCC Task Group recommendations:
If customer is receiving only updates, the record status is set to indicate if this is a new record for the customer (n), if the record is changed (c), or if the record is no longer part of their collection (d).
Bibliographic Level Set to s for journals and magazines. Set to m for monographs.
Encoding Level Set to 2 as prescribed by guidelines.

001 Control Number A unique value for each journal covered in EBSCO full-text databases. The structure of the control number is:
   ebs - The character string ebs used to identify the source as EBSCO
   nnnnnn - A number that uniquely identifies the journal. This number is derived from EBSCO's Journal ID and remains fixed for a given title.
   e - The e suffix is used to ensure ILS loaders do not confuse the EBSCO control number with a pre-existing title.

003 Control Number Identifier Set to EBZ, which is EBSCO Information Services' MARC organization code.

006 Additional Material Characteristics Set to m       d ?|||||| where ? is replaced with character position 28 of the 008 field.

007 Physical Description Set to cr|unu|||||||| as recommended by the PCC task group.

022 ISSN If the CONSER record was for a print journal and has an ISSN in the $a subfield, this is moved to the $y field of the MARC record. Additional $y fields are retained. If an eISSN is available for the journal, this is placed in the $a subfield.

A customer can optionally request to have the print ISSN appear in the $a subfield if no eISSN is available.

035 System Control Number Each record gets a 035 which is set to _a(EBZ) {ControlNumber} where {ControlNumber} is the value in the 001 fields.

* As an option, a library can elect to receive all 035 fields, in which case all 035 fields on the original CONSER record, from which the EBSCO record is derived, are included.

040 Cataloging Source If this record is derived from the print version of a CONSER record, the $a subfield contains EBZ to indicate EBSCO is the organization creating the record.

If an e-version of the CONSER record was available previously, and is being used, the original record's $a is retained and EBZ is placed in the $d subfield to indicate that EBSCO is the transcribing agency.

042 Authentication Code If the CONSER record being used is an e-version already, the 042 of the original record is left intact.

If the CONSER record was for the print version, the existing code is manipulated to indicate that this record is machine derived. Because a record may contain many $a subfields in the 042 field, the decision as to which one to take is:

  • if one of the $a subfields has a value of lc or lcd, use it
  • else, use the first occurring $a subfield
  • append -m to the existing code to indicate machine derived

If the MARC record is machine generated (e.g., no matching CONSER), then set the 042 to $anoncom-m.

050 LC Classification Code If the MARC record is being derived from a CONSER print record:
Ind  1  =  #  (blank)
Ind  2  =  4
Retain the first $a subfield only.

Uniform Title As an option, a uniform title can be added to each record. The following rules apply:

Enter the uniform title into 130 field, unless fields 100, 110, or 111 exist, in which case uniform title goes into 240.

  • If 240 already present, add " (Online)" to the end.
  • If 130 already present, add " (Online)" to the end.
  • If no 130 or 240, create 130 (or 240) by using 245 sub fields $a, $n, and $p, removing trailing punctuation, and adding " (Online)" to the end.
  • Indicators for field 130 are: 0 -space-
  • Indicators for field 240 are: 1      0

222* Key Title As an option, the Key Title from the original CONSER record can be included.

245 Title Insert $h [electronic resource] in the appropriate place in the field, maintaining punctuation integrity.

773 Host Item Entry A 773 field created to correspond to each URL (856 field) that represents a fixed package. The format is:
  Ind 1 = 0
  Ind 2 = # (blank)

Where {ProdName} is the long form of the product name.
     {Provider} is the organization providing the product.

776 Record Link The 776 field provides the linkage to the original CONSER record from which the current record was derived.

When the MARC record is being derived from a CONSER print version, then the field is set as:
  Ind 1 = 1
  Ind 2 = # (blank)
  $t = Title (either from 130 $a or 245 $a$p$n)
  $x = ISSN of print (022 $a of original CONSER record)
  $w = CONSER number of original CONSER record
  $w = LCCN (010 $a) of original CONSER record.

MARC records that are machine generated will not have a 776 field.

856 Electronic Location and Access Set as follows:
  Ind 1 = 4
  Ind 2 = 0
  $3 = Full text available: {CoverageNote}{Embargo}
  $u = {URL}
  $z = Available in {ProdName}.

Where: {CoverageNote} indicates coverage.
     {Embargo} is a note on embargo, if there is one.
     {ProdName}is the name of the product or service where the link leads.

* Included as an option.

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