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I use EZproxy and have also set up Primary Proxy for Persistent Links in EBSCOadmin. How do I prevent double proxy information from appearing on my URL?

This is an issue with EZproxy that can be corrected by updating your EZproxy configuration file.

If you are using both EZproxy and the Primary Proxy for Persistent Links parameter in EBSCOadmin, EZproxy "doubles" the proxy information on the URL, causing the EBSCOhost persistent link URL to be rewritten and appear similar to the following:

This can be avoided by adding the Find and Replace lines to your existing EBSCOhost configuration file as follows: 

Find /login?url=https://
Replace /login?url=https://^A

If you have multiple EBSCOhost entries, make this change to the first EBSCOhost entry in the configuration file as EZproxy uses the first EBSCOhost entry it finds. Following this change, you must reboot for the changes to take effect.

For more information, please visit the following Useful Utilities web page:

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