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How do I upload Patron Files in EBSCOadmin?

If you are using Patron IDs to authenticate users, you can upload a comma delimited or tab delimited file of all ID and password Patron Files in EBSCOadmin.

There is no limit to the number of Patron Files you can include on your upload.

To upload Patron Files:

  1. Log into EBSCOadmin at

  2. Click the Authentication tab. If you are a consortia, select the site you want to work with from the Site drop-down list on the toolbar.

  3. Click the Patron Files sub-tab.

  4. Click the Upload Patron Files link. The Upload Patron Files Screen appears.

  5. In the Field Delimiter field, if you are uploading a .csv file enter “,” without the quotes. If you are uploading a tab delimited file enter “[tab]” without the quotes or a tab space. (required field.)

  6. In the Text Delimiter field, you can enter a text delimiter (such as ") used to enclose the fields containing embedded commas. If your file does not contain embedded commas leave the Text Delimiter field blank.

  7. Enter the column number of the user ID field in your text file in the User ID field. Do not enter a literal text value for this field. Your text file must contain the User ID field.

  8. Enter the number of the column containing the password in the Password field, if your text file contains this field. If your text file does not contain this field, leave it blank.

  9. Enter the number of the column containing the group ID field in the Group ID field if your text file contains patron information for multiple user groups. If your text file does not contain this field, enter the user group ID.

  10. Indicate whether the record should be added or deleted in the Add/Delete Mode field. Enter an A to Add, a D to Delete.

  11. Select either Append or Replace in the Update Mode field. If you select Append, the uploaded file will be added to the end of the existing list of patron files. If you select Replace, the uploaded file will replace the entire existing file.

  12. Enter the location where the file should be uploaded in the File Location field. Click the Browse button to navigate to the correct location.

  13. Enter an e-mail address in the Notify via E-mail field if you would like an e-mail sent upon completion.

  14. Click Submit. The list of patron IDs will be uploaded.

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