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How do I set up Cookie Authentication?

Cookie authentication tells EBSCOhost to write a cookie so that users do not have to key in authentication information every time they log in.

To set up Cookie Authentication:

  1. Click the Authentication Tab then click the Cookies Sub-Tab. The Cookie Authentication Screen appears.

  2. If you are administering a consortium, from the Site ID drop-down list select the site you want to work with.

  3. From the Group ID drop-down list, select the group you want to work with.

  4. Set Use Cookies to Yes.

  5. Allow users to “Keep Me Signed In” (DynaMed Plus only): Set to Yes to allow DynaMed Plus mobile app users to elect to stay signed in to the app for the set duration.

  6. Duration of “Keep Me Signed In” (in days) (DynaMed Plus only): Set the number of days you wish to allow DynaMed Plus mobile app users to remain signed into the app up to 365 days. (Default is 180 days)

  7. Click Submit. The group is set up to use cookies.


The URL for cookie authentication is