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How can I e-mail a patron file list from EBSCOadmin?

EBSCOadmin allows administrators to e-mail a list of Patron Files used for authentication by users. This can be useful if you would like to view/edit patron files to be re-uploaded to EBSCOadmin.

To e-mail a Patron File:

  1. Click the Authentication Tab. From the drop-down lists on the toolbar, select the site you want to work with.

  2. Click the Patron Files Sub-Tab.

  3. Click the E-mail Patron Files List link.   The E-mail Patron Files Screen displays.

  4. Select an Output Format. Choose either: Tab Delimited or Comma Delimited.

  5. Enter your E-mail Address and a Report Name in the text entry fields. The Report Name defaults to "Patron Files List."

  6. In the Column Number fields enter the order in which you want the User ID, Password and Group ID fields to display.

  7. Click Submit. Your Patron Files List will be e-mailed.

Note: If you are logged in as a consortium, you can select a member site and e-mail that site's Patron List. If you do not select a specific site, you will be e-mailed the parent consortium’s list without including the member sites.