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How can I download title lists for my databases in EBSCOadmin?

EBSCOadmin allows administrators to download title lists in MARC 21 or Tab Delimited formats. Download instructions, modification notes and sample records may be available for each format.

You can download a version of a file with all journals in the product, including those that provide only indexing and abstracting information, or a file with only those titles that have full text.

To download Database Title Lists:

  1. Click the Database Title Lists Tab.

  2. Click on the Sub-Tab that corresponds to the format you want to download: MARC 21 or Tab Delimited.

    Note: While the HTML tab appears as an option, title lists are no longer available in HTML format.

  3. Interfaces - If you would like to download title lists in a format compatible with a specific interface (e.g., Business Searching Interface, etc.), select the interface from the drop-down list. Each title will include a persistent URL that directs the user to the appropriate interface. If you do not select an interface, this field will default to "Not Specified" and a "generic" title list will be downloaded.

  4. Product name - From the list of databases, click on the file name in the corresponding column. Your browser download window will open. Follow the instructions on the download window to save the file to your system.

  5. Once the files have been downloaded, they must be processed into the catalog or added to the library web page. Check with your systems group or ILS vendor for assistance.