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How can I create embedded URLs for authenticating users?

You can add a suffix to the end of a URL to direct your patrons to a specific group or profile, such as a business section or a children's collection. After login.aspx, you can add a question mark (?) and then include the specific information. For example:

You can also add any of these suffixes to custlogin.asp, reflogin.asp, and cpidlogin.asp. This lets you direct your patrons to a specific group or profile if you are using patron files, referring URLs, or patterned IDs to authenticate.

 To direct the patron to:

Add the following to


A specific profile
?profile=profileid Where profileid identifies one of the profiles you set up.
A specific group ?group=groupid Where groupid identifies one of the user groups you set up.
A specific group and profile ?group=groupid&profile=profileid  

A specific user ID and password

A specific interface ?interfaceid=  

One or more default databases
Where the shortDBname identifies the database the user will default to if the profile has rights to that database.