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How do I create a new Local Collection?

A collection is a list of journal or magazine titles that are purchased by the library. A collection can be created to identify what journals within EBSCOhost are held by the library.

First, set up the collection.

  1. Click the Local Collections Tab.

  2. Click the Add a New Collection Link. The Add New Collection Screen displays.

    Adding a new Local Collection

  3. Enter a Collection ID. The collection ID can be from 3-8 characters. For example, mainrefs or juvrefs.

  4. Enter a Description for the collection. For example, if you are setting up a collection for your library, the collection ID and Description could be local and ABC Library Journals.

  5. Indicate whether or not the collection is an Exclude collection. Any titles within an Exclude collection will not be searched on EBSCOhost.

  6. Indicate whether or not the Alternate ISSNs should be included.

  7. Make your selections and click Submit. The Local Collections Screen appears with your new collection name displayed.

Then, add titles to the collection.

  1. Under Setup/Maintain Titles, click the Go Link to the right of your collection name.

  2. Click the Add New Titles Link.  

  3. Browse for titles by database or select by title name or ISSN/ISBN. Click Browse. A list of titles is displayed.

  4. Highlight the journal title. To select more than one journal from the list, hold down the Ctrl key when choosing the titles.

  5. Click Add to Collection. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the titles you want have been added to your collection.

  6. Click the Back to Title List Link. The list of titles in the collection is displayed. (The titles you just added are included.)