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EBSCOadmin: Settings on the Viewing Results Sub-Tab

The following result list customization settings are available on the EBSCOadmin Viewing Results sub-tab.

To set how search results will appear for a profile:

  1. Select the profile and click the Viewing Results Sub-Tab. The Viewing Results Screen displays.

  2. You can make changes in any of the following fields in the General Settings area:

    • Page Layout - Indicate which columns will appear by default on the result list display. While a default can be set in EBSCOadmin, an end user has the ability to change this setting in their preferences.

    • "Source Types" on the Result List - Indicate whether results will be broken down by source type when the result list is presented. Only certain databases support the feature.

    • Open Sourcetypes by default - Indicate whether you would like the Source Types cluster open by default on the result list.

    • Edit Source Type Label - Add custom text to display for Source Types in "Refine your results" section of your EDS results list. 

    • Allow Database Hyperlinks on Results List - Set to Yes to display hyperlinks for database names on the EDS search results page. Hyperlinks open the database on the native platform in a new window.

    • Allow Viewing of Video Results - If the database supports video, indicate whether the video content should be available to users.

    • Allow Download/Streaming of Mp3 Content - If the database supports audio content, indicate whether the audio content should be available to users to download or stream.

    • Full Text - Determines whether the user can/cannot retrieve HTML full text (even if it is available for specific records).

    • Allow Viewing of Flash Animation (CHC only) - If you want Flash animations to be available in Consumer Health Complete (CHC), set to Yes. Otherwise, set to No.

    • PDFs - Indicate whether or not full text articles with PDF images should be available to users.

    • Display MARC Record Citation Link - Indicate whether the user can view citations in MARC format. (Defaults to No.) If you enable MARC records at the profile-level, the link to MARC records will also display on the article detail. (Available for EBSCOhost, Text Only, and BSI interfaces.) This feature is useful for library catalogers rather than library patrons.

    • Maximum Result Count to Display - The maximum number of results that the user may page through on a Result List.

    • Preferred Sort Order for All Results - Indicate whether the "All Results" source type should display using the default order of the database, or by relevance.

    • Number Of Results Per Page - Defines the default number of items that are displayed on a page of search results for a user in this profile.

    • Result List View - This determines if the items on the result list will be a brief citation, a detailed citation, or the title of the article only. (Defaults to Brief.)

    • Display Research Starters Feature Area (EDS Only) - Indictate whether you would like Research Starters  related to searches to be displayed above the EDS result list. Default is Off.

    • Show All Subjects for Each Result – Indicate whether you would like subject terms displayed on the result list for each result.

    • Display Image Quick View Results - Indicate whether images in the Full Text should be displayed as thumbnails on the Citation, Result List, and in the Folder. Note: Be sure to set the Display Images with Full Text parameter to On.

    • Show Clustered Results - Some databases support organizing the Result List by subject ("clusters").Your patrons may find this feature helpful if they want to discover the major subject groups for a topic without having to browse multiple pages of results, or checking individual articles to see if they are relevant. Click Yes to display a list of subjects in the left-hand column of the Result List.

    • Show Clusters Hit Counts - Indicate whether or not you would like the number of results for each facet item to be displayed. (Default is On)

    • Select and Order Clusters for Display - Click to Modify how "clusters" are displayed on the Result List. Cluster names can be modified with this option.

    • Preferred Order of Formats for Title Link - Click Modify to indicate the order in which you want to present available results when the title link is selected. A result may be available in any of these formats: Citation, HTML Full Text, PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format), and Page Viewer Full Text.

    • Include HTML Full Text with Citation - Indicate whether you will provide patrons a citation with abstract and any available HTML full text if the citation view is your preferred format. Otherwise, when the title link is selected, only the citation with abstract is displayed.

    • Display Images within Full Text - Determines whether or not links to image files (within the full text) are displayed for this profile.

    • Local Message Collection - The collection that Yes and No locals messages within EBSCOhost are based upon for this profile. Any collection that you have set up for your library is available in the Local Message Collection drop-down list.

    • Message for Titles Outside of Local Collection - The message text that appears on results in EBSCOhost for titles outside of the collection. If you want the changes made to an existing message to apply to all your profiles, mark the Change All check box.  

    • Enhance Catalog Records - Select Yes to display Enhanced Catalog information.

    • Enable Goodreads - Select Yes to display Goodreads information on book records in NoveList, NoveList Plus, NoveList K-8, and NoveList K-8 Plus.

    • Related Information - Click to indicate which Related Information options appear on the Result List.

    • Widgets - Click Modify to add custom apps (formerly known as widgets) to the EBSCOhost or EBSCO Discovery Service Result List or Detailed Record screens.

    • Worldcat Holdings Widgets (EDS Only) - Click Modify to enter information for the Worldcat Holdings apps, including the Affiliated Libraries and Nearby Libraries widgets.

    • Open "Content Provider" by default (EDS only) - Indicate whether or not you would like the Content Provider facet to appear open by default in the left column of the EDS result list.

    • Edit Content Provider Label (EDS only) - If you would like to customize the label for the Content Provider facet, enter a label in the field provided.

    • Default Display for Breadbox - Indicate whether you would like the Breadbox Collapsed (closed) or Expanded (open) by default on the result list. (Default is Expanded.)

    • Clear Find Field after Searching - Indicate whether or not you would like the Find field automatically cleared after executing a search.

    • Automatic Thesaurus Term Explode - Indicate whether or not you would like Thesaurus terms to automatically explode.

    • NewsBank Results - EBSCO’s Technical Support team is available to assist in setting up your linking to NewsBank. Contact tech support at 800-758-5995 or via email.

    • Display order STS/MSTS by Descending Hit Count - Indicate whether or not you would like facet items (source types, subjects, etc.) to be displayed in descending order by hit count.

    • Show Source Type Hit Counts - Indicate whether or not you would like the number of results for each source type to be displayed in the Source Type facet.

    • Show Search Other Services on Detailed Record (DynaMed only) - Set to Yes to display the configured Search Other Services links on DynaMed Topics. (Only displays if Search Other Services is configured.)

    • Show Patient Education Reference Center on Detailed Record (DynaMed only) - Set to Yes to display Patient Education Reference Center results on DynaMed Topics. (Only displays if PERC is configured as a Related Medical Information resource.)

    • Related Medical Information (DynaMed only) - Click Modify to customize the configured Related Medical Information databases. Set which databases to show and modify the display order of the databases.

    • Apply Location Limiter Defaults to Catalog Holdings Table - Set to Yes to limit results and real-time availability table views to specific locations. Note: Data in real-time availability locations must exactly match fields in location limiters for this to function.

    • Customize Catalog Holdings Table Headings - Click Modify to customize the headings for the catalog holdings table.

  3. Make any desired changes in the Folder Settings area:
    • Preferred Sort Order for Folder List Results – Click to indicate the default sort order for folder items.

    • Shared Folders - Indicate whether users can share their My EBSCOhost folders with other users. Clicking Yes will allow users to share their folders as well as subscribe to folders created by other users.

    • Allow One Step Alerts - Click Yes to provide the ability to set up One Step Alerts. When enabled, patrons will be able to set up an RSS feed right from the Result List, Search History, or the Publication Browse Screen. To disable this feature, click No.

    • Journal Alerts - Indicate whether users can access the Journal Alert feature.

    • Page Composer - Indicate whether the Web Pages link is available from within the folder.

  4. Click Submit twice. Your changes will be applied.