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How do I add Apps?

EBSCOadmin allows administrators to add custom functionality to EBSCOhost, Publication Finder, and EBSCO Discovery Service by adding custom apps (formerly known as widgets). Apps may be added as either iFrame URLs (a Wikipedia search of a user's EBSCOhost search terms, for example,) or Custom HTML code, such as a LibGuides app on the Result List or Detailed Record screens.

To add Custom Apps to your Result List or Detailed Record:

  1. Select the profile and click the Viewing Results Sub-Tab.

  2. Click the Modify link to the right of Widgets.
    The Custom Widgets screen appears.

  3. Select where you would like your app to appear from the Custom Widgets for drop-down list: Result List or Detailed Record.

    Addings Widgets

  4. Click the Add Item link.
    The Add Item screen appears.

    Adding Custom Widgets

  5. Select either the iFrame URL or Custom HTML type radio button.

  6. Enter a name in the Label field.

  7. Enter the height of your app in the Height field.
    Note: There is a maximum height of 500 pixels. Width is fixed at 190 pixels.

  8. Enter a URL to your app in the iFrame URL field


  9. Enter HTML code for your app into the CustomHTML field.

  10. Click Submit.
    The app is added to your list of created additional resources.

    Add Custom Widget

  11. Select the Yes radio button to default the app to be opened on the result list.

  12. Check the box in the Show column to enable the app.

  13. Click Submit

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