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EBSCOadmin - Standard Reports Column Definitions

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EBSCOadmin Reports and Statistics column headings are defined as follows:

  • Session: The number of times an EBSCOhost product is accessed. If a user has an active session in the EBSCOhost Web interface, then clicks the Select Service Tab and chooses another interface, a new Session transaction will be logged.

  • Turnaways: The number of unsuccessful logins due to exceeding the simultaneous user limit allowed by the user license, or the number of unsuccessful attempts to download an eBook whose number of available copies and holds are in use by other patrons. 

  • Average Length of Session: Duration of the session represented in minutes.

  • Logins: The number of successful logins to EBSCOhost.

  • Searches: The total number of searches logged.

  • PDF Full Text Requests: The total number of PDF requests logged.

  • HTML Full Text Requests: The total number of HTML Full Text requests logged.

  • Image Requests: The total number of times that images were accessed from the Image Collection.

  • SmartLink Requests: The total number of linkouts to access Full Text records, not including linkouts from Custom Links. This can come from either of the following:

    • Smartlinking to the Full Text of an article in another EBSCOhost database.


    • Linking to EJS (Electronic Journal Services) and CrossRef via linked full text links.

  • CustomLink Requests: The total number of times users clicked on CustomLinks.

  • Abstract Requests: The total number of times requests for abstracts were logged.

  • User Defined Fields (1 and 2): Available for consortium sites only. This tracks activity by assigned User Defined Fields.

Note: A user who leaves the site or terminal for more than 30 minutes has to log in again, (unless the session timeout allowance is longer than the 30 minute default) which influences the number of logins, although they are not necessarily a new user.


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