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How do I share EBSCO content to Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a tool that allows educators create and organize assignments and communicate with their students. Google Classroom is available in EBSCOhost, EBSCO Discovery Service, Explora and several of the school reference center products. From these interfaces, articles can be shared to Google Classroom with the Google Classroom button available on the Article Detail and Full Text pages.

Please note: The Google Classroom button is available for EBSCOhost, EDS and Explora profiles that are created for the School market as designated by the profile style in EBSCOadmin. See this FAQ for more information.

To share an article to Google Classroom:

  1. Search EBSCOhost for articles of interest.

  2. On the Article Detail or Full Text view, click the Google Classroom button in the Tools menu on the right.

    HTML Full Text Screenshot

    Note: Unlike other tools in the menu, only the icon Google Classroom Share icon is an active link. The words Google Classroom are not an active link. 

  3. If you are not logged in to your Google account, you are prompted to do so.

  4. Within Google Classroom, select a Class and an Action to share your article.

For more information about using Google Classroom, see

See also: How can I configure a profile to utilize the Google Classroom sharing functionality?