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How to Use Google Drive with EBSCO Interfaces

On select interfaces, including EBSCOhost, EBSCO Discovery Service, and Explora, you have the option to save an article's Detailed Record, HTML Full Text, or PDF Full Text to your Google Drive. Articles saved from the PDF viewer are saved as a PDF file, while the Detailed Record and HTML Full Text are saved to your Drive as a Google doc file.

Important Note: When using Google Drive, Google authentication opens in a new window. It is recommended that you set your browser to allow pop-up windows before using Google Drive to ensure you are able to log into your Google account.

To save an article to Google Drive:

  1. From the article detail page, HTML Full Text, or PDF Viewer, click the Google Drive icon in the tools menu on the right.

    Click Google Drive button

  2. If you are not logged into your Google Drive account, you will be prompted to do so.

    Note: Google authentication opens in a new window. If your browser is set to block pop-up windows, you may need to allow your browser to open a new window in order to log in.

  3. Click Allow to authorize EBSCO to view and manage files in your Google Drive.

    Allow EBSCO to access your Google Drive

  4. Click OK to close the Google Drive panel after it has indicated that your article has been saved.

    Click OK to dismiss G Drive window

  5. Your articles are saved to Google Drive in an "EBSCO" folder.

    EBSCO folder in Google Drive