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MyHeritage Library Edition - Frequently Asked Questions

The MyHeritage Library Edition features over 8 billion primary historical records from the United States, Europe, and other regions, with coverage starting from the 16th century. Often accompanied by true document images, these records illuminate historical realities across a wide variety of regions.

Q. How do I allow access through firewalls, proxy servers, caching servers, filtering software and other security features for MyHeritage Library Edition?

Please see: EBSCO IPs and Domains for Firewalls, Proxy Servers, and Whitelists. The MyHeritage information is verified and updated on a quarterly basis.

Q. How can I set up a direct URL to MyHeritage Library Edition?

If your institution subscribes to MyHeritage Library Edition through EBSCO, you can set up a direct URL that goes through the Select Service screen to bring your users to the database. We recommend you do not attempt to bypass the Select Service screen as this can cause authentication issues.

The following URL will direct your users into MyHeritage Library Edition, using IP authentication or will prompt users for their ID and password credentials:,uid&site=mhlibed&return=y

You can also modify the authentication parameters to suit your institution's needs. See the following FAQ for available authentication types:

What authentication methods are available for accessing EBSCOhost?

Q. How do I search in MyHeritage Library Edition?

Searches can be performed directly from the main landing page of the MyHeritage Library Edition. There is an option to perform a Basic Search with fewer search parameters, as well as an Advanced Search which gives additional options for dates, relationships, etc., to help narrow the search.

Clicking on the map below the main search box on the homepage enables the user to focus their search in a particular geographical area, country, or sub-region (sub-regions are available for search in records from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada only).

Another option is to search by collection. At the right there is a menu listing categories of collections (Census & Voter Lists, Marriage & Divorce, etc.), and clicking on them opens a page where collections in that category are displayed. Each collection has its own search page where a basic or advanced search can be performed just in that collection.

Example: How do I perform a basic search in marriage records from Spain?

From the home page, you have two options.

  • Option 1:

    1. Using the map tool at the bottom of the home page, click on Europe and then the link to Spain. This will bring you to the Spain collections landing page.

    2. At right, you will see the link for Spain, Marriages, 1565-1950. Click on the link and you will arrive at a basic search page limited to that collection.

  • Option 2:

    1. From the home page, click on Marriage & Divorce in the right-hand menu. The Marriage & Divorce landing page displays the different collections available in this sub-category.

    2. Click on Spain, Marriages, 1565-1950 to arrive at the basic search page for this collection.

Q. Can I save searches in MyHeritage Library Edition?

There is currently no option to save searches.

Q. Can I get usage reports for MyHeritage Library Edition?

Yes. For information about obtaining usage reports, please contact EBSCO Technical Support at