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EBSCOhost Folder - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I use the folder feature in EBSCOhost?

EBSCOhost allows you to collect results from different searches, store them in the session folder, and manage the contents to print, email or save them.

To use the folder feature:

  1. Click on the Add to Folder link located next to the relevancy indicator for your chosen result. You can add all of the items on the current page by choosing the Add X-XX link located in the Share menu at the top of the Result List.

  2. To remove an item from the folder, click on the Remove from Folder link next to the relevancy indicator. The folder contents are saved for the duration of a search session. Items are retained unless you choose a different profile, end the session, or time out due to inactivity. By default, the folder is cleared after you have printed, e-mailed or saved the items, but you can deselect the option marked Empty folder after printing/emailing/saving before printing, e-mailing or saving.

  3. Clicking on the Go to Folder View link to the right of the result list or the Folder icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen allows you to view all of your saved results during a session in EBSCOhost.


Q. How many items can I put in my EBSCOhost folder?

You can store an unlimited number of items in your personal folder; however, there may be limits on the number of items you can email, print or save at one time from your folder.


Q. How many items can be delivered from the Folder?

By default, the maximum number of items that a user can print, e-mail, save or export from an EBSCO personal folder is set at 50. This setting can be increased by your institution's administrator using EBSCOadmin.


Q. How can I remove items from my session or my personalized (My EBSCOhost) folder?

EBSCOhost allows users to collect and manage results from different searches and store them in a session folder. Once a user has logged out of EBSCOhost, the folder contents are automatically cleared. Or, if a user prints, emails or saves results placed in his session folder, the folder's contents will be cleared. To avoid this, uncheck the Remove these items from folder after printing/emailing/saving setting.

However, users who want to save search results beyond the current session can do so by logging in to My EBSCOhost. Any item saved using My EBSCOhost will remain there until deleted by the user, or if the item has not been modified within 18 months.

To remove result(s) from your personalized folder, select the result by clicking on the appropriate check box, then click the Delete Items link.


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