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Browsing & Searching Cited References

Some EBSCO databases provide the ability to "browse references." When you run a Basic or Advanced Keyword Search, any Cited References or Times Cited in this Database links that are available are presented with your search results. 

Note both links appearing above the PDF Full Text link in this example:

resut list with cited references

  • Cited References - If you click the Cited References hyperlink on a Result, the Cited References Screen presents a list of records cited in your original article.

    cited references screen

  • Related Records - If you select one or more references and click the Related Records button, the Related Records Screen presents a list of records related to your original article. These records are sorted by relevance, based on the greatest number of shared references.

    related records screen

  • Times Cited in this database - If you click the Times Cited in this database hyperlink on a Result, the Citing Articles Screen presents a list of records that cite your original article.

    citing articles screen

  • Cited References and Times Cited in this database hyperlinks are also displayed on the article detail page. Records with Cited References and Times Cited in this database links can be saved to the folder. However, linking to Cited References or Citing Articles lists is not available from the folder.


Searching for Cited References

If you are searching a single database that supports “cited reference” searching, a Cited References link will display at the top of the EBSCOhost screen. If you are searching multiple databases, you may be able to search for cited references in the individual databases. The database names that support reference searching will appear in the drop-down list.

selecting a database to search for cited references

Enter search terms in the author, title, source, year or all fields.

cited references search screen

The results of a reference search are displayed below the Cited References search fields. The search fields remain available so you can edit your search terms or run a new search.

  • Cited References - From the Cited References Search Screen, the Cited References Screen presents a list of citation records for the search terms you entered.

    • Articles with Check boxes are cited by other articles. (See Citing Articles below)

    • Articles without check boxes have not been cited by other articles.

    cited reference results

  • Citing Articles - From the Cited References sub-tab, you can mark check boxes, click Find Citing Articles, and retrieve a list of Citing Articles.

    citing articles screen

Note: Support for reference searching varies by database.

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