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EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) - Viewing Catalog Results

EBSCO Discovery Service lets you view catalog details for a result in your library's catalog. If included in your subscription to EBSCO Discovery Service, you may also see real-time availability information that informs you of the up-to-the-minute status of an item in your library.

To view a library catalog record:

  1. Perform a search on EBSCO Discovery Service.

  2. On the result list, click the Article Title about which you would like library catalog information.

    Result List screen

    The Detailed Record is displayed.

    Detailed Record screen
  3. If enabled by your administrator, Enhanced Catalog Record information appears in the left column under Related Information.

    Additional book enrichment data from Library of Congress may include:

    • Table of Contents
    • Author information

    Related Information may include:

    • Nearby or affiliated libraries holding the item
    • Reviews of the title being viewed
    • Similar Books
    • Other books by the same author
    • Other formats and editions
    • Summaries from Literary Reference Center *

    * Included if subscribed to Literary Reference Center and database is included in your search.

Real-Time Availability

If included in your institution's EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) subscription, you will see up-to-date information that advises you of the availability of a resource within the library. Real-Time Availability tells the user whether an item is:

  • Available
  • In Library Use
  • On Hold
  • Checked Out
  • Missing
  • Lost

If your library is part of a library group, you will also be advised of the specific location of an item within the group of libraries.


Your real-time catalog updates may look like the following examples:

Real-time Availability

Real-time Availability

Real-time Availability