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How can I display the Keyword/Title/Author drop-down menu in EBSCO Discovery Service?

The Keyword, Title, and Author drop-down menu is designed to help EDS users focus their searches by searching the field the user selects from the menu. For example, if a user enters an author's name in the Find field and selects Author from the menu, EDS runs an author search for the name entered.

Using EBSCOadmin, this menu can be enabled or disabled by your institution's administrator depending on preference.

To Display the Keyword/Title/Author menu:

  1. From the Customize Services tab, select the desired profile and click the Searching sub-tab.

  2. Under General Settings, Select the On radio button to the right of Show Keyword/Title/Author Radio Buttons.

    EDS Keyword/Author/Title

  3. Click Submit.